AdoptionPrivate Placement Adoptions

Attorney Ross S. Gelber has helped guide numerous families through the process of a private placement adoption.  Private placement adoption occurs when the adoptive parents adopt a child directly from the child’s birth parents without the use of an agency.

The most common form of private placement adoptions is stepparent adoptions.  A stepparent adoption grants the stepparent the same legal rights and responsibilities as if he or she was a biological parent.  This means that a stepparent must agree to be financially responsible for the child and would continue to be even in the event of divorce or separation.  When a private placement adoption occurs certain consents must be given in order for the adoption to be granted.  Those whose consent is required include:

  • The adoptive child, if over the age of fourteen;
  • The biological parents if the child is born in wedlock;
  • The mother of a child born out-of-wedlock;
  • The father of a child born out-of-wedlock, BUT only if the father has maintained substantial and continuous contact with the adoptive child.

Once all consents and paperwork has been filed, the adoptive parents will undergo a home-study and background check before the adoption can be finalized.

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