Orders Of Protection

If you are or your child is a victim of domestic violence, there are ways to get help.  If a divorce proceeding has begun, a skilled and experienced attorney can assist you in obtaining temporary exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence and an order of protection during the pendency of the action.  An order of protection can be extended from a temporary order to permanent usually lasting between 12-24 months.

While domestic violence is a very serious problem, there are unfortunate circumstances where spouses use the allegation of domestic violence to gain favor in the eye of the court in contested custody disputes.  By law the court must take domestic violence into account when deciding what is in the best interest of a child.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or feel that you are being unfairly accused of such, please contact Attorney Ross S. Gelber at 716-632-5919 or rgelber@rossgelberlaw.com.