Family Court Enforcement

Divorce and Family Court orders relating to child support, spousal support, custody and visitation are all enforceable in the Family Court.

A party seeking to enforce an order of support, either for a child or spouse, presents his or her case before a Support Magistrate of the Family Court.  Upon a showing of default, the Court has a number of options to remedy support due and owing.   The Court can issue a money judgment against a defaulter, garnish assets or in extreme cases, hold a party in contempt and recommend jail time.

A party who seeks to enforce an order of custody or visitation presents his or her case before a Family Court judge.  Although it is uncommon to hold a party in contempt for defaulting on a custody or visitation order, a Family Court judge can still take action against a defaulting parent.  A judge may reduce the amount of visitation for a parent who consistently cancels visits with his or her child or possibly order supervised-visitation.

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